What is dead but still alive? The love of a mother towards her child. Advertisements

stay strong

I will live. I will be strong. I won’t go to my past.

I miss you

I miss you.. I miss you today more than ever.. But who cares you have moved on Who cares you will never see this I miss you… And I ¬†am sorry I wasn’t… Continue reading

to my ex

to my ex… Do you miss me as much as I miss you Do you think about me as much I think about you Even if the answers are all yes and you… Continue reading

I’m done

I may be crazy in love with you but I am done letting you hurt me I am worth so much more than that

good bye

Just know that I will always love you even after every fight or every time you give up on me I know im alot to handle with my mental disorder But I know… Continue reading

Don’t Go

Your the light in my dark world I may have said some things I didn’t mean But I was just truly hurt I am going trough a hard time and it wasn’t fair… Continue reading

what is

What is love with out arguments With out fights With out sickness No one will change No one will improve Love is a strong word that has many meanings But what is the… Continue reading

one heart

I love two men But I only had one heart I never made up my mind so I am the one who gets fucked up I know I didn’t love you as much… Continue reading


It felt like a bullet went trough my heart You prove me right there is no such thing as love You prove me right love is just a fantasy with full of crap… Continue reading